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The start of the 20th century proved to be a transitional period. With no bridge, those needing to cross needed to ford the stream, usually using a horse drawn wagon; the first car didn’t arrive until 1903 in Medford. Pharmacist George H. Haskins had started a drugstore only after the town was platted, and in 1903 he let the Medford Library Association to start a little library in that shop. Five years after the library went to the new city hall of Medford, in a different four years, Andrew Carnegie’s gift let a committed library to be constructed. Building on the Medford Carnegie Library was finished in 1912.

Away from nearby Jacksonville, Medford took the name of county seat of Jackson County in 1927.

It is often blamed for the downfall of small businesses in downtown Medford from way back its end, but still remains an important course for commuters wanting to travel on the other side of the city. Actually, a study completed in 1999 found that 45% of vehicles entering i5 from north Medford heading south left in south Medford, only three miles (5 kilometers) away.

The job, which cost about $36 million, enhanced traffic flow between I- Crater Lake Highway and 5. Additional traffic issues prompted the building of another new interchange. The endeavor started in 2006 and was finished in 2010.

Since the 1990s, Medford has dedicated an appreciable number of resources in an effort to revitalize the downtown region to urban renewal. Several old buildings are restored, including the Prohibition era Cooley as well as the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater -Neff Warehouse running an urban winery, as Pallet Wine Company. Roads are realigned, bicycle lanes, traffic signals, and new pavements were installed, and two new parking garages are constructed.

Economic problems in 2009 and 2008 get a hold on The Commons project, a cooperation between the city of Medford and Lithia Motors. Among the biggest undertaken in downtown recently, the job, aims to provide the region with more parking, recreation, and business. The Greyhound Bus depot was transferred before the work ceased and $850,000 was spent replacing water lines. Contained in The Commons are a place for special occasions like the farmer’s market in addition to just two public park blocks slated to be casual public assembly places. Ground breaking for the job was April 22, 2011, with a Stage 1 end date of 2012.

Medford’s market is driven mainly by the health care sector. Both leading medical centers in the city, Providence Medford Medical Center and Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, employ over 2,000 individuals. Assisted living and senior services have turned into an essential element of the market as Medford is also a retirement destination.

Before, Medford’s market was fueled by agriculture (pears, peaches, viticulture grapes) and lumber products. It’s the biggest company in Southern Oregon, with seasonal workers year round and about 6,700 1,700 in the Medford area.

Other businesses situated in the city contain Pacific International Enterprises, Falcon Northwest, Benchmark Maps, and Tucker Sno-Cat. Medford and the surrounding region is home to the enlarging Oregon wine business, including the Rogue Valley AVA.

The city’s historic downtown has experienced an economic recovery recently, using a mix of private investment and public resources. Hospitality firm The Neuman Hotel Group, based in almost Ashland, OR, took over possession and direction of a big downtown motel, The Red Lion. Neuman Hotel Group renamed it Hostel In the Commons and renovated the property.